Wicker Yesterday

The use of wicker dates back to ancient Egyptian times when reed and swamp grasses were used to create baskets and furniture. By the 1500′s and 1600′s, wicker was widely used throughout Europe. By the 1800′s, it became popular in North America. In the 1970s, wicker furniture was used both indoors and outdoors settings but by the end of the 1980′s, wicker furniture was strictly used in outdoor living spaces and sunrooms.

Egyptian Era Wicker

Wickerwork is so much a part of the history of man that it is mentioned in legends of many primitive civilizations. An example is the basket weaving that has been a part of so many cultures around the world, and infact wicker is one of the ancient techniques of making furniture, common all over the world weaving from a number of natural materials, including rattan, cane, willow and raffia, and different plant fibers.

The fame of wicker grew from the markets of England and America during the Victorian era. The most widely and famous wicker example given of a German modernist designer Lilly Reich designed the MR 20 chair for architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. It has also been recognized that one of the first pieces of wickerwork found in America, was a child’s cradle believed to have been brought in by the Pilgrims who eventually settled in the new land. Other wickerwork, such as baskets, and cradles were produced in colonial America. Wicker has always been considered a healthful material, more breathable and comfortable than solid wood, and more hygienic.

Victorian Era Wicker

Wicker Today

For centuries wicker furniture has been used in simple, elegant, and in durable manner that made it timeless. Wicker has definitely come a long way! The days of webbed folding and plastic lounge chairs are over. From the return of the modern king chair to wicker sectional sofas, is considered some of the trendy ways to transform outdoor and indoor living spaces. Three decades ago, people use to clamored to purchase wicker king chair now referred to as a throne chair. Now the wicker king chair has reappeared as beautiful people basking and used as a planter on their front porches.

Modern Day Wicker

Today wicker is making a major comeback and continues to be favorite because it’s easy to maintain, the furnishing looks attractive in various settings, indoors or outdoors, its various trendiness and the furniture lasts a long time. Wicker furniture is featured in many upscale commercial venues and beach side vacation resorts. Luxurious wicker chaise lounge chairs are cool and inviting. It adds a posh touch to any poolside environment. Wicker can stand up to the heat and various temperatures. It is ventilated so people remain cool as they soak up the sunshine and nice weather. When you add water-repellant cushions, wicker lounge chairs become absolutely heavenly to sink into. The latest wicker trends are a great way to modernize home, indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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