#Tree #plantation is a major issue at this moment over the world. Trees are one of the main elements working to save our environment. Reckless cutting down of trees and deforestation are harming our climate and ecosystem tremendously. The world’s temperatures are getting warmer gradually. It is a global concern. Plantation of trees is thus a crying need of the time. Other than the aforesaid issue, trees come to our help in many ways. Trees take in carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Fruit-bearing trees provide us with many types of fruits for our good health. Herbal trees are useful for treating diseases. They give us shade and reduce our tiredness. Sufficient trees cause rainfall and prevent draught. Trees along the roadside and coastal areas prevent erosion and tidal bore. They give us firewoods as fuel for cooking. They are used as timber for making eye-catering furniture. They are even used for railway slippers and they produce rubber too. Trees help us to fight natural disasters like flood, cyclone, earthquake, etc. But many inconsiderate people cut down trees randomly. Massive awareness is essential among people for tree plantation.

We can get available trees from any nursery or govt. agriculture department. If you dont have that options, #Gooddegg is here for you to Plants one tree for each Order you are going to make on #Gooddegg #Furniture #Store. We can take part in tree plantation campaign. We should make the tree plantation program successful for a better habitat.