Holistic health has been very trendy over the year. I have to say, after reading about the benefits, choosing natural ways to cure natural ailments seems pretty awesome to me.

Mosquitos are a pest. Rather than spraying your skin with chemicals to deter mosquito bites, perhaps there are other ways to do so.

That is why we’ve decided to compile a list for you on natural ways to prevent mosquito bites.

There are a couple reasons why mosquitoes seem to think some blood is sweeter than others. For instance, they seem to bite people with blood type O more than others, and they are attracted to carbon dioxide more so folks who tend to talk more seem to attract more mosquito bites. I am not a fan of thinking these are things that you should be self conscious about, so staying quiet or figuring out a way to change your blood type (hint: not possible) is not going to be making it onto this list.

Grill Rosemary



Because many of our outdoor activities seem to strike when we’re outside grilling you can try using your grill as a way to keep the mosquitos away. While you’re cooking go ahead and throw some fresh rosemary on the grill. Mosquitoes are repelled by the scent of rosemary AND it’s a wonderful added flavor to your food. So, there’s a win-win.

Try Oils

Essential oils have grown immensely popular as of lately, and with all of the health benefits attributed to them it’s clear to see why; they are kind of awesome. Some popular mosquito repellent scents are lavender and citronella, add a few drops to your skin or make them into homemade candles (fun weekend craft!) and enjoy being able to relax without pesky mosquitos biting you. Also, lavender is great for inducing sleep, reducing stress levels, and generally attributed to being a great, relaxing scent.

You can also try adding drops of lavender essential oil (about 30) to 2 table spoons of baby oil to dilute while simultaneously hydrating your skin.


Unshockingly we would suggest gardening (Note: we love plants, especially trees!) Of course citronella is a very popular plant for deterring mosquitos, but we like to go beyond expectations.

Marigolds and basil are excellent mosquito deterrents. Marigolds are just beautiful to look at and are a wonderful addition to your garden. And basil, on top of being fragrant also is a wonderful herb to grow in your garden – it’s great in pasta, pesto, pizza, pretty much everything. Added bonus: basil is a very resilient herb and fairly easy to grow – doesn’t require a lot of maintenance



Eat More Garlic – like you really need an excuse

Garlic is amazing for deterring mosquitos. If you know that you are going to be spending a considerable amount of time outdoors, a few days before hand it would be a wise idea to eat fresh garlic. The scent on your skin may help if you forget a few days ahead, but also, there are sulfur compounds that are emitted through your skin when you sweat that will help keep the mosquitos (maybe your friends, also) away.

Happy Spring!

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