Our Eco-friendly furniture concept with sustainable design for outdoor and indoor areas to use for your home. With natural lightning and easily changeable seating arrangement can transform your living or outdoor to a serene natural paradise.

We work very closely with our architects, designers, managers and clients to create the most beautiful and elegant product line.

It’s not only the product line what we care for the most it’s how we make it. We know how forced and child labor is a serious problem in furniture manufacturing. Even giants like IKEA regretted using forced labors during ‘70s and ‘80s in East Germany. So here at Gooddegg, we thrive to excel in taking care of our labors and workers. We do not enforce future mothers or allow mother with child to work for us. We treat our work force as a family rather than a tool for business. Our line managers are acquainted with each and every staff and they are always eager to learn their story.

Our Products

While creating our products we’ve distant ourselves from the typical designs and tried to expand our horizon a bit. We are well aware of the fact that there are lots of unique designs out there and the competition is quite hard, it’s always fun and interesting to come up with something unique which makes you stand out from the rest. So, finally we came up with a brilliant series called “The island Leisure at home” which is bound to make you spellbound with its beauty, versatility, multipurpose eye catching design.

Island Leisure At Home

Inspired by memories of your holidays spent at the pacific islands, this series is the perfect interpretation of relaxation in nature. All products under this series are created to bring a balance between nature and fashion.

Named after the capital of Fiji, this line is inspired by ambiance of an informal setting with classic colonial high back chairs. It was designed to set a cozy atmosphere with its comfortable cushions in a high and curvy structure. With SUVA products, you can easily enjoy the cool breeze and the touch of sunshine while you lounge in comfort with style.

SUVA Furniture Series


Just like the destination, FIJI product will enable you to create a fun filled atmosphere with friends or family. This products will offer you leisure relaxing environment different from the rest. Perfect for indoor and outdoor, this design comes with the flexibility to recline all chairs with high backs and elegant curves. FIJI set can offer you a warm environment with plenty of space for you and your companion.

FIJI Furniture Series


Named after one of the most beautiful island of FIJI, give you a carefree, fun filled atmosphere surrounded by your dear loved ones. Nadi style provide the feel of “more the merrier” which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. This line is a perfect example of workmanship and scientific design.

Nadi Furniture Series


Koro the volcanic island perfectly suits as the name of this line, as it will sustain and entertain all of your fiery conversations and fun with your friends and family. Made with all-weather poly wood planks and detachable bottom frame makes this line easily storable and transportable. With its tough and resistant built, it is perfect for your outdoor need as well as indoor one. Our Koro style is inspired by natural power so it can withstand a lot of torture.

Koro Furniture Series


Symmetry in harmony was the predominating concept of creating this series. The low maintenance built and lightweight is sure to offer you freedom of space by transporting you to an atmosphere of openness. Let it be your living room, patio or lake cottage this design has the power to set an ambiance of comfort for you to unwind in style.

Raki Furniture Series


So, we can assure you with our Island Leisure At Home can cater your every need for various kind of settings. Go wicker and set an example for others to spend responsibly in luxury.

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