Our wicker furniture is able to stand out in a crowd with their sheer elegance and style. Our uniqueness is not only limited to quality and style but our way of conducting a green minded business is something we take pride in. Furniture for trees- a project initiated by Gooddegg-home décor, will plant a tree for every furniture sold. Customers will be able to dedicate the tree by a name of his/her choice. We try to leave something for the future generation.

Our wicker furniture does not require much care or cleaning, making it a very alluring choice for patios, porches and even indoors. As wicker weaving technique makes the product outdoor friendly thus making the product quite hardy. It can be easily left outside for a long period of time almost without any damage. Still to keep your product in mint condition you may like to follow these very simple cleaning and caring methods:


Cleaning Wicker Furniture

  • Vacuum often to remove surface dust. It’s better to vacuum wicker furniture with soft bristle brush attachment.
  • To get stubborn dirt, fuzz or animal hair out of the crevice use a paintbrush or tweezers.
  • If it gets soiled a lot and only vacuuming is not sufficient enough, mix mild detergent with warm water and use a sponge or soft cloth to remove dirt. Rinse to remove soap completely and allow to dry completely before resume using.
  • Hosing can also work in medium pressure. Make sure the weave do not get moved by the pressure.
  • If you notice any mold on your wicker furniture, clean immediately with bleach water. Relocate the furniture to an open area with good air flow and low humidity condition


Caring for you wicker furniture


  • Try to keep your furniture clean by dusting it regularly. Keeping it clean will extend its life as dust can be easily collected in the crevices of the weave and can cause breakdown of fiber and eventual decay.
  • Even though wicker furniture can sustain outdoor condition but you should keep in mind during hot weather it can be a bit elastic and very cold weather can make it quite stiff. Avoid this situation by covering it up or moving it to a better position. You wouldn’t be using your furniture during this adverse period anyway.
  • Inspect the weave from time to time. If you notice any shifting you can simply move the weave back into place with your fingers.
  • Never use a foam cleaner as the foam could get stuck in between the materials and cause eventual decay.
  • Always refrain from using damp wicker furniture, if used weight can cause the furniture to loosen up or even sag.
  • If kept indoor for a long time, the dry heat can cause the furniture to crackle and creak under pressure
  • Always keep a watchful eye to detect any mold or mildew.


Wicker furniture is one of the toughest furniture to withstand natural effects. So if these very easy caring and maintenance procedure can be observed, your wicker furniture will be in optimum year-round shape.

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