Rekindle the Romance from the Comfort of Your Home

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We understand just how busy life can get. With children, work, and social obligations creating time to have a romantic night with your significant other may get pushed to the back burner. However, we at Gooddegg believe in balance in all that we do – it’s pat of our mission – and we believe that creating a balance between the obligations of everyday life and the luxuries of life is an important one to strike to ensure wellness.

Have you felt burnt out lately? Do you need a relaxing night in? Your partner may be feeling the same way also. So, we have decided to help you out. We have some ideas as to how you can create a romantic space within the comfort of your own home.

Why not just go out? 

Going out to dinner can be a treat. Don’t get us wrong. However, sometimes waiting in line, being around groups of people, and travel time can make it seem like such an exhausting event. Sometimes what romance needs is a place to unwind. We know that you’re busy people. Staying home can allow you to relax a bit more and talk more candidly with your significant other.


Romantic Retreats

Staying home also allows you the opportunity to reinvent the space that you inhabit on a daily basis. Move things around, add candles, the point here is to change the daily structure of your life.

Remember how exciting romance was when it was new? That is the main point here. Moving around the furniture, adding fairy lights, new smells, etc., all add to the excitement of bringing novelty to something familiar.

The Food 

The Palma Bistro Set creates a beautiful romantic space for wine and romance.

Keep the food simple. If you’re really creative think about the first place you went to eat when you and your significant other were dating and then try to recreate the meal. We like some of these ideas. If you’re unskilled in the kitchen keep it simple. The point here is to create an all around aura of romance, and that might be difficult to do if you get hot, sweaty, and stressed while cooking.

It may be fun to also prepare the food together. There is something fun about hanging out in the kitchen, listening to music, drinking wine and making a meal together. If your partner is the one who is used to always making the meals this may not work.

  • The trick is to consider your relationship when creating a romantic night in and structure your evening around that. There are pretty simple cookie cutter formulas for romance, but we know you’re unique and so is your relationship — your romantic evening should be reflective of that.

Plan an activity  

Part of the fun of a romantic evening at home is that after dinner you don’t have to leave to the next activity. Plan an activity that will either create stimulating conversation or engage yourselves in some fun. If you and your partner like movies, plan a movie marathon. If you guys haven’t had a moment to just be silly play some board games. The point here is to consider carefully what will best bond you two together.

It is a lot of fun to break routine. The point of creating a romantic evening is to give yourself an opportunity to spark some romance and create some novelty in your relationship. It could be very fun to buy some paints and canvases and challenge each other to paint a portrait of each other.

Maybe even taking turns giving each other massages. The point here is to have fun and engage with your partner. Spoil them, but have fun doing so.


We have created the ultimate playlist for your romantic evening at home. Click here to check it out.


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