Have you ever thought of a world without trees? If you haven’t, close your eyes and separate this lively green earth we’ve of all the life and greenness. Does it look like anything else rather than a lifeless alien planate? Life is about nature if you don’t agree than think what we do when we take a break from life. We go to a place of nature, like beach or forests or mountains. We as human beings are designed to get back to nature. We only find solace in the heart of nature, our fancy urban lifestyle becomes vain when we can’t get in touch with nature.

Trees are not only our source of paper, lumber or food, but they also play the most vital role in the carbon cycle. With our ever growing population of 6.7 billion we are constantly working on stop cutting trees or stop deforestation but to our dismay deforestation is growing at an alarming rate.

We believe in nature and we are thankful for all of its contribution. The problem is the furniture companies have a habit of taking only and not giving back. We don’t tend to stop or think even for a while to ponder about the fact how this one way street of taking can end our planet.

We strongly believe the time has come for the companies to start taking responsibility seriously. If furniture companies unite or just do their own part, a better and greener future is possible. Here at Gooddegg we thrive to preserve nature. With nature in our head, we’ve partnered with Chic Agro Industry in Bangladesh to plant a tree for every furniture sold by us. The client will have the option to nominate the tree name and we will keep the client posted about the growth of the tree.

Gooddegg, Furniture For Tree

For our Furniture For Trees project, we’ve selected the North-western part of Bangladesh, Rajshahi. Rajshahi is the home of the famous Santhal tribe who are famous for their rich cultural practices and customs. The lively nature and way of life of this people will make you like them in a heartbeat. They are inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds them and they have this ability to transform the beauty they behold into arts and crafts. The occupation of the Santhals revolves around the forests in which they reside. Their basic needs are fulfilled from the trees and plants of the forests. The talent of Santhal Tribe is safely passed on from one generation to the other. An innate lover of dancing while enjoying food and wine they know how to live life for others as a family.

Gooddegg has selected their partner with the sole purpose of preserving nature and for that we need companies or people who share the same vision. We are not only planting trees, we are trying to preserve locality where thousand live by the help of the forest.

Our client can select their own name or can nominate a friend or a foe and we’ll come up with an innovative way to reach them about their tree. They will get photos or possibly video and can witness their growth. This would not only help the nature for even a little bit but will also create a bond with a tree, so someone can realize how dear it is to our life.

With every furniture sold, we will not only plant a tree but we will help to make a better future for our next generation. A lot of companies procure in a way that local people get affected, we are strongly against that practice. Our aim is to help the nature while helping the community.

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