In this peak era of modernization, mankind’s most favorite hobby seems to be cutting down trees. Be it for agriculture, housing, medical needs, home décor or simply for one’s enjoyment! As per the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), almost 18 million acres of forest are lost every year due to humans’ selfish interests.

The earth’s one of the most breathtaking attributes is its magnificent rainforests. But the horrifying truth is that within 100 years, there will be nothing left of rainforests in the world. The leading causes behind this self-destructing phenomenon of deforestation are poverty, over-population and unequal access to land. Another reason may be the advancement of economy and the escalating human needs that result from economic development. This cause is backed by the fact that almost 50% of the world’s timber is extracted by Europe, the United States, and Japan. Per capita consumption of wood and its products by the industrialized countries is 12 times higher than the per capita consumption in developing countries.

The furniture business widely uses wood cut from tropical forests. Despite wood being a renewable resource, most logging activities are carried out totally disregarding the balance of the forest ecosystem. Over time this can result in environmental degradation as the rate of extraction of wood would exceed the rate of natural replenishment of the forest. The consequences would be a decline in biodiversity and magnified global warming. These are the alarming consideration to ponder about as six of the fifteen major exporters of furniture are now in tropical developing countries such as Brazil, Malaysia, etc.

Having said all this, at the end of every dark tunnel, a silver lining of hope awaits us. In the fight against deforestation, we have responsible citizens and organizations working relentlessly to help regrow forests and achieve a greener world which is a must for the sustainable existence of all beings. For example, many furniture companies are now engaging in and promoting afforestation while maintaining their business interests at the same time. One such organization is GOODDEGG which aims to attain a sustainable balance between their production outcome and environmental wellbeing. With this commitment, this online company sells wicker/rattan furniture, which are eco-friendly. Not only that, at GOODDEGG, they have also taken up a unique initiative called FURNITURE FOR TREES where they plant trees for every order closed on their online store. In this way, they are also engaging the furniture buyers in the noble cause of protecting and enhancing the environment. Customers have the privilege of getting the tree dedicated to themselves or any nominee chosen by them. Moreover, GOODDEGG maintains visual recordings of the trees growing and they are shared with the customer.

At the rate that deforestation has taken place or is still occurring, many may argue that such initiatives are not much on the face of such vast amount of destruction. But who would argue that many small contributions can result in a great change? That ultimately depends on the people who are buying home décor furniture. An organization like GOODDEGG, which has beliefs in recompensing the nature for what it extracts from it, can only be successful in their mission when their customers are responsible and willing enough to play a role in giving something back to nature. Now it’s up to us to decide if we care enough to make a smart choice for nature which is the very foundation of our survival.

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