Have you ever felt like stepping away from the mundane traditional wooden furniture settings? Want to break free from the norm? Then wicker furniture is the answer you are looking for.

Wicker furniture can give your interior design a modern, relaxing and eco-friendly look you are craving for. We have compiled a great collection of brilliant interior decorating ideas to inspire you to use wicker furniture for your home or outdoor decors. You will discover the effect of having wicker furniture in your home- the light and stylish room décor is bound to set your mood with a touch of nature on your own backyard.

Not only wicker furniture can add a unique texture to your home but it is also great for outdoors.

Rattans are well suited for making all kind of furniture and deals with paints and stains very well. So this kind of furniture can come in different colors and shapes, hence makes it possible to be used in lots of different styles. Its all-weather attribute makes it a perfect choice for outdoor uses without any doubt.

Here are some modern interior decorating ideas to show you wonderful ways of bringing wicker furniture in your home interiors, so that, you can create a décor with an exotic feel and charm.

  • Living room setting: Rattan furniture can easily replace your wooden furniture and still give you the feel of a modern interior in your living room. Just imagine a setup with a wicker made 2 sitter couch along with a love seat and table. It will definitely give your space the atmosphere of comfort with style. You can also use a rattan plant container on a side and other decorative items like- lamp, bins etc. This unique look will not only give your eyes comfort but you will actually benefit from it.
  • Dining table setting: When you use your creativity and a sense of personal style, you can easily make your dining table look attractive and beautiful with a wicker based setting. Even if you decide to keep your hardwood based grandma table, you can brighten up the setting with adding wicker chairs with color accents to match your room décor. Blending wood furniture with wicker furniture can not only create stunning room décor but also reduces the expenses of modern interior designing.
  • Kitchen table: Who doesn’t fancy a well-lit kitchen? Imagine a huge pane of windows, just beside it a mini dining table for your loved ones to gather around while mom or parents cook. If you decide to change your traditional dining chairs with wicker chairs, you will be pleasantly surprised with the fantastic effect you have just created. The simple alteration will allow more unrestrictive natural light to enter into your kitchen and the amazing glow from your chairs when nature light bounces of it. It is destined to make your setting a much merrier and sunnier one.
  • Bedroom Setting: During the weekdays we usually return home to retire from a long day of work. Did you ever feel like that your huge plush wooden/metal bed lacks the aura of comfort and gentleness your body is longing for? If you opt for a wicker bed, for sure your body and mind can have a well-deserved good night sleep. Wicker bed will provide you the same sturdiness but it appears as a soft comforting place where you can lay down in comfort. A wicker bed will add the effect of a bit of nature in your master bed room and it looks absolutely marvelous in natural light. We can assure you, when in the morning, you will open your sleepy eyes to see sunrays are bouncing off the edge of your wicker bed will give you the perfect delightful start of the day you need.
  • Home office setting: Wicker furniture has the reputation of having a contemporary and fancy look. If you decide to replace your boring home office furniture with wicker based furniture you can easily get the modern look that is uniquely different from others. Neutral colors, light or dark brown shades can be perfect for your home office need. You can even use metals along with synthetic rattans to add a striking, bright and serious elegant accent to your interior decoration. From personal workspace to small official meeting, no matter what you do in your home office, using wicker furniture can change the atmosphere while adding more elegance and comfort with reduced cost.

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