Fun Ways to Make Your Garden More “You”
This Raki 4-Piece set looks stunning, doesn’t it?


As you prepare your garden this season you may be thinking about incorporating some cute accents to charm things up. Of course we love gardens and plants. As a part of our mission we plant a tree for every purchase made through Gooddegg. Plants are a valuable asset to the environment, and a valuable asset to your backyard oasis.

As you start thinking about planning your garden, or are tending to it throughout the season, let some of these ideas help inspire you.

1. Add lawn furniture, of course. 


With or without people lounging these Fiji sets they still look great!

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Gooddegg has amazing polylumber and wicker patio furniture. What’s best is that they can be used indoors as well to offer flexibility. Sets like this one offer incredible comfort and durability.


2. Painted Planters 

Not only do painted planters look adorable, but they are a fun Sunday afternoon craft idea for yourself and even the kids. Terra cotta planters can be found nearly everywhere, from your local home and garden store to thrift stores. Bonus: they are usually inexpensive. There are plenty of designs to choose from and the sky is the limit. Get creative, the only limitation is your imagination.



3. UpCycling 


Refurbished Garden Ideas
Do you have old furniture that is either broken or just doesn’t fit with your decor? Instead of trashing it or sending it off to donations maybe spend some time upcycling it. Upcycling has become increasingly popular over the last few years and is a very fun and creative way to turn something old into something new. While we think this probably wouldn’t be too comfortable for seating, it would be a really cute place to put those potted plants you painted! And, it is up and away from critters eating your flowers.
4. Custom walkways 
Garden Walkway
Creating a custom walkway in the garden is a small detail that adds a lot of character to your garden. Walkways also prevent little baby feet from wandering through the plants where they shouldn’t be going and keeps them on path. Depending on the materials that you choose custom made walkways don’t have to break the bank. From stones to bricks there are plenty of materials to choose from. However, bear in mind that often in the summer children wander around outdoors with barefeet, so be mindful of that when choosing a walkway.
5. Bird Feeders
Garden Bird feeder
Birds help pollinate your plants and are a valuable asset to your garden. Traditional birdhouses can be a fun D.I.Y. project to paint or build with your children, but if you’re looking to add a more unique touch to your garden consider having funky bird feeders like this one above. While it isn’t traditional, it serves a purpose and adds some color and art to your backyard.
You decide. 
Your home and your garden are a representation of your unique self and your unique life. We at Gooddegg value the balance in life. We enjoy the uniqueness of our customers. We believe that by helping you find quality furniture for your patio you will enjoy taking a break from your busy like to sit outdoors and relax. That is why our furniture is built to last – repairing and/or replacing is one less worry ticked off your mind. Spend some time this season cultivating a habitat for yourself in nature by starting in your backyard.
As always, we’re here if you need something.

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