Luckily today we have few business companies which are working for the betterment of the earth’s environment. In the current world of environmental destruction, it is extremely important for business companies to realize their responsibilities towards nature. However, it definitely doesn’t mean that companies have to forego their profit to ensure that the environment isn’t harmed by their activities. Rather the approach that most environment-friendly companies follow is that they try to make
up for what they do to nature. Like any other relationship, it is a give-and-take arrangement; but at the same time, it is a very welcome initiative that works well for the environment. So here is a list of 10 companies which have been taking small steps towards a better environment-

1. Hewlett-Packard:
HP was the first IT company to report greenhouse gas emissions. It has developed strategies to reduce its emissions ever since. Use and emission of toxic materials have also been reduced by HP and it has also put recycling on topmost priority.

2. Dell:
Yes, again an IT firm! Dell has been very plain-spoken about its environmental responsibilities from the very beginning. It has set a trend by powering the entire headquarters using renewable energy. This carbon neutral company also leads from the front in recycling their products.

3. Nike:
Nike mostly prefers using sustainable materials. It invests in the promotion and use of renewable energy. According to Newsweek, Nike requires its almost 650 contract factories in about 52 countries to have legally written environmental policies.

4. Starbucks:
Now let’s talk about some good coffee, shall we? Starbucks is famous for using organic coffee and recycled paper products. It has urged all of its suppliers to be thoughtful about the environment. Starbucks has vowed to integrate green building standards in all of its constructions.

5. Sun Microsystems:
23% of Sun’s greenhouse gas emissions in the US were cut down between 2002 and 2007 and it aims to also reduce GHG emissions from its global operations. Environmental management accreditation is a must for all of Sun’s suppliers and it is very transparent in sharing its environmental activities and achievements in its website.

6. GOODDEGG Home Decor:
GOODDEGG is an online home décor company that believes in compensating for what it takes from nature. Through it’s unique initiative called ‘Furniture For Trees’ GOODDEGG plants a tree for every order closed at its online store. Customers have the privilege to dedicate the tree to themselves or a person of their choice. GOODDEGG also shares a regular update of the planted trees with the customers.

7. Sprint Nextel:
90% of Sprint’s suppliers are required to conform to its environmental standards by 2017. In 2008, Sprint had achieved an energy reduction of 21,400 tons of CO2 which is equivalent to conserving almost 149 acres of forest.

8. Wells Fargo:
Wells Fargo has been running a $5 billion financing program to promote green business and encourage the wind and solar energy projects. It also facilitates the activities of environmental nonprofit organizations which prioritize renewable energy and green building.

9. IBM:
Since its inception in 1991, the company had its environmental policies set in place. Environmental awareness training programs are arranged for the employees. IBM is one serious firm to fulfill its environmental responsibilities.

10. State Street:
Although appearing out of the box in terms of being ‘green’, State Street is trying its hardest to cut down on electricity use and air travel. The firm is also very responsible about how much emissions it produces.

Efforts these companies are making for the wellbeing of nature is noble. Here’s wishing that all business companies start thinking like these champions. And all of us together can make the earth a better place for generations to come.

** Most information is taken from Newsweek and the list doesn’t follow any particular ranking.

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